Make Sure Your Thermostat Works

Make Sure Your Thermostat Works

Hire a professional to fix your broken thermostat

If your thermostat breaks, who will you call to fix it for you? When your thermostat malfunctions, the constant temperature swings in your home or office can be exhausting. Don't wait any longer to hire a professional to repair your thermostat. You can count on the team at All Weather Mechanical to fix it for you.

For more information about our thermostat repair services, call us now at 860-977-3881.

When should you call All Weather Mechanical to repair your thermostat?

If you're concerned that you have a faulty thermostat, contact All Weather Mechanical right away. Here are three signs that your thermostat might be failing:

  • Your thermostat reads higher or lower than the actual temperature.
  • The temperature in your home or office changes erratically.
  • Your heating or cooling system doesn't turn on when you use the thermostat.

Issues with your thermostat might be signs of more significant HVAC issues. Contact us today to have a professional check your thermostat.