Brighten Up Your Bristol Area Home

Brighten Up Your Bristol Area Home

Find out how a talented electrician can keep your lights on

You're getting ready for work in the morning when, suddenly, your lights flicker and go out. Don't worry-the experienced crew at All Weather Mechanical can get your lights back on quickly. A dedicated electrician will respond as soon as possible to find and fix the problem. From repairing malfunctioning light switches to preventing electrical surges, we can handle all your electrical needs.

Contact us today to schedule electrical services in Bristol, CT or surrounding areas.

Do you need a new electrical panel?

If you trip the circuit breaker every time you blow-dry your hair or your lights flicker frequently, you may need to replace your electrical panel. The knowledgeable team at All Weather Mechanical recommends getting electrical services if you:

  • Use lots of power strips
  • Notice a burning smell near your electrical panel
  • Live in an older home

If you’re not sure if you need an upgrade, just call All Weather Mechanical to speak with a licensed electrician in Bristol, CT. We’re standing by to help.